Company Background

Morrow Mobiles˛ Inc. was founded by Floyd Morrow and incorporated in 1991.  Mr. Morrow's background includes career work as a patent attorney, builder-developer, former San Diego City Councilman, Deputy Mayor and community activist. 

Company Mission Statement

Morrow Mobiles Inc. is committed to providing innovative, high-quality, esthetic, least-cost  pre-manufactured housing solutions to a global market - while maintaining maximum customer flexibility and satisfaction.  We also pioneer creative manufacturing techniques, in order to support our goal of selling to and servicing an international market.

Company headquarters are located in San Diego, California, with fabrication facilities located in Tijuana, Mexico.  New sales and production facilities have recently been established in China and in Korea.  Our Tijuana design and fabrication facility staff collaborates closely with our main office personnel on a daily basis, bringing together our overall executive, production, architectural and design staff. 

Our China production facility is currently pioneering the application of Mm˛® "Expandable Rooms to Go" units to serve as portable, sanitary food vending facilities.  Our Korea office is also concentrating upon further Mm˛® unit development, while our Tijuana fabrication facility is concentrating upon the development of new World House design applications.