Durable, light-weight Mm˛® "Expandable Rooms to Go" units  quickly expand to three times their initial volume, and twice their width and height.  These units can be easily trailered, carried on truck beds or delivered via pallet, and are ideal as temporary or emergency housing, or admin facilities.  Many OEM applications exist for the Mm˛® units, for those providing recreational or utility expanded space solutions.

Morrow Mobiles Inc.  specializes in the creation of durable, attractive, fast-installed, inexpensive, pre-manufactured housing solutions for a global market.  Our Mm˛® Expandable Rooms to Go technology allows both the vertical and horizontal expansion of these highly mobile, attractive units.  Applications include RV usage, mobile office, vending kiosk and emergency health facilities.  Our innovative World House designs offer a wide range of plans, which are rapidly manufactured and then quickly expanded and  installed onsite; at least total cost, vs. any comparable permanent housing solution.  

We produce a wide range of attractive World House designs, ranging from 400 to over 800 sq. ft in size.   Goals include maintaining an exceptionally low total price, while providing a highly durable and esthetic shelter w/complete customization abilities; rapid manufacturing, and 2-day installation process.

Our innovative World House design makes ideal facilities for homes, schools or administrative facilities - anywhere in the world.  Because our production technology can be shipped via sea containers, we are well-positioned to address growing international demand for attractive, low-cost, environmentally-friendly housing.