The World House

see below for added architectural renderings, photographs and scale drawings)

World House, folded

partially opened

 World House
onsite expansion process

Exterior and Interior Views

front view

rear view

interior views

Top-View of Various Configurations

home environment

office setup

day care facility

classroom setup

World House Features and Benefits


Lowest Overall Cost

Lowest total cost for house, transportation, installation and hook-ups; versus any comparable alternative house-building technique.
High Quality Manufactured House with factory-set quality standards; constructed with new Manufacturing Technology materials & methods, to keep cost low and quality high. 
Fast Deployment World House units are easily placed on pre-prepared foundation.  Once delivered to site, units are ready to occupy, in just a few days.
Easy Hookup Complete electrical system is factory installed into the panels.  On-site deployment involves only unit expansion, anchoring and fixtures installation.  Complete plumbing system is factory installed inside the Structural Panels, with easy hook-up under floors.
Transportation World House units can be transported to site without the need for special, expensive permits; which are required for for wide or oversize loads (units are handled on normal “car hauler,”  flatbed truck or custom-designed trailers.
Durability Provides a well-insulated home, including protection from drafts, high winds, insects, and other environmental perils; constructed with Structural Insulated Panels made of high-tech materials, including composites & foam insulation.

  Standard Model World House scale drawings  (press Back key on your browser to return)

floor plan

front view

rear view

side view

   Architectural renderings (press Back key on your browser to return)

wh_garage.jpg (37718 bytes)


wh_garage_cutout.jpg (33075 bytes)

garage cut-away

wh_subdiv.jpg (58959 bytes)

subdivision concept

wh_subdiv2.jpg (53165 bytes)

subdivision concept

wh_school_overview.jpg (45922 bytes)

world house

wh_overview2.jpg (54651 bytes)

above view

wh_office_overview.jpg (25162 bytes)

office layout

wh_class_overview.jpg (44566 bytes)

nursery layout

wh_buff2.jpg (29942 bytes)

two-story model

wh_2story_cut.jpg (27461 bytes)

cut-away view

wh_class_above.jpg (28456 bytes)

classroom layout

wh_school_cutout.jpg (29902 bytes)

cut-away view

   Additional photographs  (press Back key on your browser to return)

wh_act_frontbanner.jpg (37875 bytes)

wh_act_kitchen2.jpg (588038 bytes)

wh_act_int.jpg (25219 bytes)

wh_act_side.jpg (28610 bytes)

wh_ros_interior6.jpg (27231 bytes)

wh_ros_kitchen.jpg (41231 bytes)

wh_ros_kitchen2.jpg (33852 bytes)

wh_ros_kitchen3.jpg (33534 bytes)

wh_ros_exterior.jpg (33615 bytes)

wh_ros_exterior2.jpg (25096 bytes)

wh_ros_exterior4.jpg (39592 bytes)

wh_ros_exterior5.jpg (47134 bytes)

wh_ros_interior5.jpg (21871 bytes)

wh_ros_interior2.jpg (26496 bytes)

wh_ros_interior8.jpg (20064 bytes)

wh_ros_interior10.jpg (22476 bytes)

wh_ros_interior9.jpg (24358 bytes)

wh_ros_interior7.jpg (17515 bytes)

wh_ros_interior4.jpg (17715 bytes)